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The Salvation Army is committed to building trust and respect between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. This includes uplifting, building and encouraging relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Earlier this year, Commissioners Janine and Robert Donaldson announced the development of our first, national Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which is currently being finalised.


More than 800 people across TSA participated in over 80 RAP Yarning Circles, which forms the basis of this plan. Questions asked in the Yarning Circles were, “What are we doing now?” and “What can we be doing better?”.


Our Reconciliation Action Plan outlines TSA’s commitment to building and encouraging relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, while also fostering respect for the oldest continuous culture on earth.


TSA’s General Manager Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministry, Shirli Congo explains that at the centre of this Reconciliation Action Plan is creating a safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to share their history and acknowledge the wrongs that these communities have faced in the past.


“Reconciliation Actions Plans are encouraged as an intentional starting point that incorporates practical actions to contribute to reconciliation,” explained Shirli.


“The RAP supports us to collaborate internally, externally and in the communities we operate, to build strong relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples.”


TSA has a long history of working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and is dedicated to the process of reconciliation through social justice, equity and freedom.


Our Reconciliation Action Plan is a two-year commitment built through the RAP circles and working groups. The plan is an important step as we work together with our First Nations peoples to strengthen our relationships and deliver culturally responsive programs and services.


The launch of our RAP will be live streamed at 1pm AEDT on Thursday 3 December 2020. To mark this significant occasion, you may like to set up a team event to celebrate together.

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